Looking for Alaska by Green, John ( 2013 ) - John Green

Looking for Alaska

By John Green

I give Looking for Alaska 4 stars out of 5. In my opinion, it wasn't the easiest book to read but I think that happens when you have complicated/messed up characters. Even when not knowing a few of the words, you feel like you understand every moment in the book though because it is described with great detail (although there could be more in my opinion).


The story is based around a boy called Miles Teller (who later gets the nickname “Pudge”) and his life and the people he meets when he goes boarding school. It has a balance between comedy and sadness which means this book doesn't make you weep for days. It also talks about the friends he meets and the mischievous things that happen. It doesn't cut back at the bad things that happen in life too.


I think the ending was great. It was about realisation. I think all of John Green’s endings are great (like in The Fault In Our Stars ‘Okay’). I really enjoyed this book and there is no doubt that I will read this again. Hopefully, next time I will understand it better!

By Adele xxx

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